Netanyahu Failed in Gaza, Tries to Widen War: Ex-UN Rapporteur

IQNA – Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has failed to achieve goals in the “inhumane” war on Gaza and seeks to widen the conflict, a former UN special rapporteur says.
Analyst Underlines 8 Points about Iran’s Retaliatory Attack on Israel
IQNA – A Lebanese analyst has listed eight points about Iran’s retaliatory strike against the Israeli regime which came after an Israeli attack on an Iranian diplomatic building in Syria.
11:52 , 2024 Apr 16
Arab, Muslim Countries Urged to Genuinely Support Palestine
IQNA – A Libyan academic and freelance journalist criticized Arab and Muslim countries that claim to be supporting Palestine but keep helping Israel amid the ongoing genocidal war on Gaza.
23:43 , 2024 Apr 18
The Holy Quran: Illuminating The Path Amidst Cognitive Warfare
IQNA – A senior cleric has highlighted the role of the Holy Quran in countering the cognitive warfare waged by some the West against the Holy Quran.
10:55 , 2024 Mar 28
Iran Not to Engage in Direct Battle with Israeli Regime, Retaliation Not Limited to Missiles: Strategist
IQNA – An Islamic Revolution Guards Corp commander says the Islamic Republic will not engage in a direct battle with the Israeli regime and that the response to Israeli attack on Iranian embassy will not be limited to missiles and drones.
11:58 , 2024 Apr 07
International Quds Day: A Unified Stand for Palestine Amidst Israeli Genocide
IQNA – This year's International Quds Day is different from previous years as the world is witnessing the brutal nature of a regime that has killed more than 33,000 people in six months and displaced some 2 million others.
08:28 , 2024 Apr 05
Breaking Barriers Key to Combat Anti-Muslim Bias: Muslim Convert
IQNA – An Australian Muslim convert says breaking barriers and communicating is the key to standing against rising anti-Muslim sentiments and hate.
11:56 , 2024 Mar 02
Sheikh Mohsin Ali Najafi: A Life Dedicated to Muslim Unity and Knowledge, Son Remembers
IQNA – The son of Sheikh Mohsin Ali Najafi recalls his father's lifelong commitment to Muslim unity and knowledge, and how he inspired people with his wisdom and compassion.
10:12 , 2024 Mar 03
From Personal Reform to Global Justice: Prof. Elaborates Pathway to Embracing Mahdi
IQNA – A professor of religious studies says for embracing the savior, individuals need to have personal reformation while also actively advocating for societal equity and reform.
06:30 , 2024 Feb 25
Mab’ath: A Day to Remember Prophet Muhammad and His Message
IQNA – Mab'ath or the day Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) received his first revelation is a reminder to follow the message and teachings of the Holy Prophet.
07:05 , 2024 Feb 08
World Hijab Day A Platform to Foster Understanding, Tolerance: Nazma Khan
IQNA – The World Hijab Day has been embraced globally as a platform to foster understanding, tolerance, and solidarity, the founder of the movement said.
13:07 , 2024 Feb 01
Imam Ali's Timeless Wisdom: Three Principles for A Fulfilling Life
IQNA – Exploring three foundational principles extracted from Nahj al-Balagha, a scholar points to timeless wisdom for a fulfilling and balanced life according to the teachings of Imam Ali (AS).
07:39 , 2024 Jan 25